Bugs Bunny – The Most Famous Rabbit Ever

“Eh… What’s Up, Doc?” That symbolic catchphrase combined with Bugs Bunny standing causally chewing a carrot is a legendary scene forever etched into the hearts of millions worldwide. He first became popular through the animated series “Looney Tunes” and stayed on to become one of the most memorable cartoon characters that managed to compete with Mickey Mouse in both popularity and fame. He, like Mickey Mouse, has a star forever imprinted on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bugs Bunny is one smart rabbit. He has virtually hundreds of rabbit holes all over the place which he uses to tease and taunt his enemies and never get caught. He usually leaves those who annoy him alone until they pushed him to his limit. “Of course you realize, this means war” After Bug’s famous declaration, his opponent usually starts to face impossible obstacles and usually ends up in hilarious situations. Some Uberduck AI of his famous rivals include Daffy Duck and the infamous Tasmanian devil

Bugs is also a master of disguise, being to disguise as all sorts of character including the famous granny rabbit which deceived his eternal foe, Elmer Fudd the hunter into going into the wrong direction and getting kicked in the back by the ever mischievous bunny.

One of his most famous moments was he starred in the animated live action film called “Space Jam”. He costarred with Michael Jordan and the rest of the Looney Tunes characters to fight it out with aliens who seek on capturing them for entertainment purposes. Bugs & his gang challenged the aliens to a basketball match where the winner takes all, it was there when the story plot starts to unfold and shows how Bugs collaborated with Michael Jordan to slam dunk their way to victory.

Bugs Bunny remained a solid legend, making his way into the American postage stamps, collaborated with Mickey Mouse in the 1988 animated flim “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, was the mascot for two air force units during World War 2 and the Warner Brothers.