Gas Stations and the IP Camera Surveillance System

Gas stations are popular sites for criminal activity, most traditionally theft. Gas station owners who do not currently have a surveillance system in place are placing their business, their customers and their employees at risk. Surveillance systems when installed can dramatically reduce all types of criminal activity within your gas station. With the advancements in IP network cameras, installing a state of the art surveillance system in your gas station is simple and affordable.

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Why Should You Install IP Camera Surveillance Systems?

If you are considering the installation of a surveillance system within your gas station, consider the following advantages that this decision will offer to your business:

Theft Prevention- By installing visible IP cameras within your gas station, you will reduce petty theft from both employees and criminals targeting your business.

Criminal Apprehension- Recorded surveillance from your gas station can often assist law enforcement in the apprehension of the criminals. You will want to make sure video from the security cameras are recorded allowing for later viewing.

Why Should I Choose the IP Camera System over Other Surveillance Systems?

If you are ready to install a surveillance system within your gas station, you are likely evaluating available package options. One of the most popular surveillance systems to select for gas stations is the IP camera system. Some of its features and benefits are listed below:

– IP cameras offer the ability to review recorded and live data Florida gas stations for sale over the Internet, from anywhere in the world. This allows the business owner to manage their business remotely by viewing recorded and live video from any PC attached to the Internet.

– These camera systems offer the ability to pass recorded information from the IP cameras over the Internet to a designated PC for storage.

– Control features are accessible over the Internet, allowing someone remotely control their IP camera surveillance system. This includes panning, tilting and zooming the camera.

– This system’s wireless functionality and installation makes it affordable for gas stations to implement.

– These cameras offer intelligent surveillance allowing them to record or notify you only when motion is detected. They also easily integrate into existing security alarms and notifications.